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3Weasel inc.

Welcome to the new & improved 3Weasel inc.

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What's New
9 July 2001 Various tweaks, Added a few pictures of Jenn, Jeep wreck pics linked from main Jeep page.
13 April 2001 Pictures of Jenn added.
05 Jan 2001 Nova pics added.
23 Oct 2000 Entire site redone; stupid template pages were getting annoying, so I wrote my own HTML.
25 Sept 2000 Quotes page added, various tweaks.
7 Sept 2000 Jeep page added, new pictures on picture page: Me in a hat, more of the dog, and Spooky.
2 Sept 2000 Just got a digital camera. more pictures coming
16 Aug 2000 New pictures on picture page: dog, me kissing a fish.
15 Aug 2000 I'm just getting started, so it's all new.

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